Update: City of Richmond Audit of RTP

Want an update on the RTP/City of Richmond exchange? Check Richmond Tea Party volunteer Colleen Owens' guest post at Righsidenews.com  Along with background information of the events, you can read  the City of Richmond audit notification letter sent to RTP. An excerpt of Ms Owens' closing remarks is provided: The Richmond Tea Party stands for constitutional [...]

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City of Richmond Responds to Our Refund Request

  A few weeks ago, I reported on how the Richmond Tea Party invoiced the City of Richmond for a refund of the expenses incurred from our three Tax Day Rallies in Kanawha Plaza, the same place where Occupy Richmond illegally camped for two weeks without paying a single fee to the City. We figured [...]

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Time for All Tea Parties to Force Equality Under the Law

For two weeks, the Occupy Richmond group camped out in Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond. They acquired no permits, followed no regulations, paid no fees, and broke the law for their continued presence. In contrast, the Richmond Tea Party held three separate Tax Day Rallies in the same location, for which we acquired every permit, [...]

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Press Release (10/26/2011): Refund for Tax Day Rallies

On Wednesday, 10/26/2011, Richmond Tea Party issued the following press release. It quickly became a national (story. See here, here, and here for starters.) ---- The Richmond Tea Party along with the rest of the tea party movement is very much about getting back to the basics of our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of [...]

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Speak out on fiscal policy this Saturday

We received the following information from the City of Richmond about a unique opportunity this Saturday, June 26th to voice your opinion about the fiscal mess our nation finds itself in: As part of the national discussion around the federal budget and economy, national and local foundations and organizations are putting together non-partisan town hall meetings in 20 [...]

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