Immediate Support Needed for 3 Bills

ONE CALL - 3 Freedoms School Choice - Asset Forfeiture - COPN 'The Education Cartel' ~ 'Law Enforcement Establishment' ~ 'BIG Medicine' Slow walking  ~  Multiple committees  ~  Passed by  ...  (Easy to see what's going on ... ) HB 8,    HB 389,    HB 48,    HB 193  Vote "Yes" [button color="#fffff" background="#cf2121" size="large" target="_blank" src=""]Contact Your Delegate[/button] All these [...]

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Webinar: General Assembly Recap with Ken Cuccinelli

The Tea Party Patriots Federation CoLA Team and Ken Cuccinelli present FREEDOM BILLS 2015 General Assembly Recap Where do we go from here? Online Webinar - March 31st, 8PM We are very pleased to have former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joining the CoLA Team for this discussion and Q&A. It's a General Assembly election year! Find out which representatives are [...]

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Keeping Up with the Virginia General Assembly: Link to CoLA

We are in the final weeks of Cross-Over in the General Assembly. If you haven't already done so, sign up for CoLA auto alerts on the status of key patriot bills as they move through committees and into both Houses for final voting. The CoLA committee is doing an excellent job in tracking and reporting [...]

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Virginians! Protect Your Property Rights

This call for action is from Americans for Prosperity. Also note that the Cooperative Legislative Action Committee (CoLA)   believes protecting Virginians' property rights is  a  priority. (www.cola.   Dear Virginian: Join us in protecting property rights in Virginia. Experts on property rights, land use, and Agenda 21 will share with you why now is the [...]

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