RTP Monthly Meeting Recap – Oct 2014

RTP held its monthly meeting Thursday night, with the primary focus on a presentation about Common Core education standards. Jane Hogan from Eye on Virginia Education traveled to present to us for the evening, with some lively discussion on how new education standards are effecting Virginia schools. Joining us for the evening and offering a [...]

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RTP Monthly Meeting – October 23rd 2014

Come join us for our October meeting! As we did last month, we'll be gathering in our new meeting space, graciously provided by the good folks at Richmond Alarm Company. This new space has audio/visual capabilities built-in to the meeting room, and we now have wheelchair access via elevator to the 2nd floor! If you [...]

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Mike Huckabee Cannot Be Trusted

Photo Credit Tony Gutierrez/AP I know that lots of tea party folks like Governor Mike Huckabee, but he's actually not so great of a politician... his record as governor has some serious problems. I've always seen him (in my opinion) as a shyster...a used car salesman-type (no offense to ETHICAL used car salesmen [...]

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Stop the Common Core

Why in the world is the federal government involved in setting nationwide education standards? Exactly where is that power given to the federal government? Don't these people realize that you get the absolute BEST education outcomes when states are free to experiment/manage their own education methods and standards? We're supposed to have 50 individual experiment [...]

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