Bankster-In-Chief: “We Must Have More Debt!”

...and, of course, more taxes, because someone has to pay for all of this borrowing, you see. You debt slaves out there aren't deep enough in it yet. I can still see the tops of some of your heads. How the hell do you expect us to do a thorough asset-stripping if you still have [...]

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Obama: “Americans Are Too Uninformed To Participate In The Budget Debate”

What arrogance; what ego. As a recruiting tool for Tea Party-minded folks, he's too good to be true. Your fence-sitting friends need to see this.

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Republicans Cave; Debt Ceiling Will Be Raised

Bloomberg: "House Speaker John Boehner said he agrees that the U.S. debt limit must be raised and the government can’t be allowed to default on its debts, but he also said Democrats are not serious enough about trimming entitlement programs." I imagine the discussion at the White House went something like this:

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