Fiscal Responsibility – Oh the pain!

The diagnosis of cancer is a shock to any patient and their family because it is such a devastating and life-threatening disease. Even so, there is a cure for it if caught early enough. But the cure can sometimes be worse than the disease.  Radiation treatment works well at destroying the cancer, but in doing [...]

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It’s the Economy, Stupid

Did you see the Big Three on CNBC last week? Al, Tom and Dave? Like the Tea Party, they spoke the hard truths: get used to the New Normal (unemployment at 8-10%), and America following the road to its date with a Roman Holiday. Greenspan noted that Fed borrowing is crowding out private investment and [...]

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Say what?!? Federal spending numbers that will make you scream

I just received a very detailed report from Brian Reidl of the Heritage Foundation that details our out-of-control spending. I strongly encourage you to click the link to see the full report and see the visual graphs. It will make your head spin off your shoulders when you see it visually. It is an excellent [...]

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