Fantastic News: Jeff Sessions Ends DOJ Settlement Handouts for Leftist Activist Groups

This is really some positive news for "rightward-leaning" activist organizations. For a few years now, we've been complaining that the Dept of Justice (DoJ) has been funneling penalty/fine money from bank settlements to leftist non-profits. Essentially, leftists in government agencies have been extorting banks and other organizations for forced "donations" to their favored leftist organizations...these [...]

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Partisan Dept of Justice Decides IRS Not Guilty of Crimes While Attacking Tea Party

In a decision that absolutely no one finds shocking, the corrupt and partisan Department of Justice just decided that the IRS did not commit any crimes while it was targeting conservative groups with inappropriate and intrusive information requests, and while delaying and denying requests to obtain non-profit status for their organizations. (Press release) Of course, [...]

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ACORN Affiliate Coordinating with the Dept. of Justice

I'm really, REALLY angry about this story. REALLY angry. I've been expecting things to "go this far"...this is not at all surprising. However, it's corrupt beyond belief. The Obama Department of Justice is coordinating with ACORN (front group) on elections? REALLY? Yes, the Dept. of Justice is working with ACORN to thwart efforts to reform voter fraud in the elections.

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Update on the Surveillance State

Maryland is rolling out license-plate scanners mounted on police patrol cars. The vehicle-mounted scanners are said to each be capable of scanning 5,000 plates in an eight-hour shift. The data will be transmitted in real time to a central database for analysis. The database will also record each event "by registering their GPS locations when [...]

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