Ryan Blasts Elites

Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, chairman of the House budget committee, gave a forceful, highly regarded speech on Oct. 26, “Saving the American Idea: Rejecting Fear, Envy and the Politics of Division.”  Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, a former Reagan speechwriter, praised the speech in her weekly column (online Oct. 28, in print Oct. [...]

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George Will: Election Rejected Progressivism

Two days after the historic midterm election, syndicated columnist George Will wrote an insightful op-ed about the deeper meaning of the resounding conservative victory.  He included comments on the problem of what has been called the ruling class or the elites, the rulers championed by progressives (who constitute most of today's liberals).  Will said, “The [...]

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Science Body Charged With Global-Warming Scam

An eminent physicist recently resigned from the American Physical Society (APS), the professional association of physicists and one of the world’s leading scientific organizations, charging the body with supporting the man-made global warming “fraud” in order to make money at the expense of scientific truth and integrity.  His resignation letter reinforces the view that man-made [...]

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Tea Party Has Elites on the Run

Tony Blankley, one of the most astute political commentators, published a column on Sept. 29 titled “Tea Party Has Elites on the Run.” He believes that the Tea Party, by stressing virtues that the elites disdain, has started an "inexorable" movement that will restore power to the middle class. His argument:  The elites (aka the [...]

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The Rise of the Ruling Class

I’m lucky that a great report on a topic of growing importance appeared today just in time for my debut post on this site. It’s from Rasmussen Reports, the renowned political polling firm: “67% of Political Class Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, 84% of Mainstream Disagrees.” It’s found here. The report talks about the [...]

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