AG Cuccinelli Discusses the Upcoming Healthcare Case

From C-Span, 3/15/2012: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli talked about his opposition to the 2010 health care law. He also discussed contraception coverage and the 2012 elections. ...    

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Virginia not alone in Tenth Amendment Legislation.

Gary Wood,  the State Chapter Coordinator for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, writes in his analysis of 10th amendment: Where the 9th Amendment protects the people against attempts of the federal government to invoke powers not specifically enumerated the 10th Amendment restrains federal power over states as well as citizens. It reemphasizes the fact our federal [...]

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Richmond Tea Party meets with Speaker of the House

Richmond Tea Party met with the Virginia Speaker of the House, Bill Howell, last week regarding our two federalism bills. The Speaker expressed support for both bills and assured us they would make it out of Committee in the House of Delegates.  He was also encouraging that these would pass the House. The first bill, [...]

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