Gary Wood,  the State Chapter Coordinator for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, writes in his analysis of 10th amendment:

Where the 9th Amendment protects the people against attempts of the federal government to invoke powers not specifically enumerated the 10th Amendment restrains federal power over states as well as citizens. It reemphasizes the fact our federal government only had certain civil liberties granted while protecting the political liberty, or sovereignty, of the states.

Mr Wood also discusses the importance of keeping the decisions close to the people:

Many of the founders realized they were fighting against a British system that felt it could best govern all levels of activity, even the activity of colonists an ocean away. It was imperative written assurance was provided which allowed people to self-govern at the lowest level possible being closer to local legislatures than they would ever be to their federal or general government.

If only our elected leaders would think as deeply on these issues! Read the complete article here: Consider the 10th Amendment.