Taxpayers To Pay Cost Of Mortgage Settlement

The Attorneys General of the states agreed to a "landmark" deal to "settle" mortgage fraud committed by major banks. In the "settlement," the banks agree to pay $40Billion. Financial Times is now reporting that (account required to read the full article), in a little-known and unreported aspect of that deal, up to $35 Billion of [...]

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Here’s What It Looks Like from Where I’m Sitting

News is flying by real fast. Grab your hat, it's gonna get windy. The European Central Bank (ECB) is fighting a losing battle. It is easy to tell this is so: they are telling ever-bigger lies about their soon-to-be-really-announced, no-kidding-we-really-have-a-great-plan, bailout program-of-the-hour, ever more frequently. There is no money; the ECB has invented a massively [...]

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India, Iran, and Oil: Follow Up

A few days ago we posted this piece on trade negotiations between India and Iran. India imports 80% of its oil, and buys about 16% of its imported oil from Iran. This is a very important matter for India. The United States is pressuring India to participate in economic sanctions against Iran and that has [...]

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Time for Economic Fixes IS Now!

It’s December. One election down, but a lot of work and a watershed election coming. So the question is: what are we, collectively and individually, going to do? Actually do. Have you thought about how much time you will devote to specific tasks, and how you will measure results? I have not. The other day [...]

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