Why Are You Working?

Because you're a sucker (click on the image to magnify, then use your browser's "BACK" button to return here):   The cash value of the benefits received (read: stolen from other people through the mechanism of "voting") by a non-working single mother of two is more than $46,000 per year.  The "negative income tax" column [...]

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Action Alert: Restoring the Founders’ Dream seminar on 9-22

Thomas Jefferson Center Event Where: Andrews Residence Hall Randolph Macon College 114 College Avenue Ashland, VA 23005 Driving Directions When: Saturday September 22, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EDT Add to my calendar   The Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration invites you to attend the fourth "Healing of America" Seminar Series called   [...]

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Food for Thought…

Though this has been attributed to Ben Stein (snopes.com says incorrectly so) and been floating around since 2012, it's still worth sharing:   Paradoxical Quote of The Day: Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen." Now add this, [...]

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New Bill Request: The “Single Point Of Contact” Act

"This government will operate like an ambush." - Patrick Henry, at the Virginia Ratification Debates, 9 June 1788 Once upon a time a man could earn an honest living for himself without being attacked by a bureaucracy.  What the hell happened? If you are not self employed, much of this bureaucracy is hidden from you.  [...]

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Dear John McCain, Carl Levin, et alia

"Lex mala, lex nulla." - St. Thomas Aquinas (L-Marbury; R-Madison)   Marbury v Madison: Affirmative words are often, in their operation, negative of other objects than those affirmed; and in this case, a negative or exclusive sense must be given to them or they have no operation at all. It cannot be presumed that any [...]

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Free Market – government knows best

In the late 1950s there was a TV show called “Father Knows Best” starring Robert Young who played “a thoughtful father who offered sage advice whenever one or more of his children had a problem.” Today there is another long-running show called “Government Knows Best” where our President and members of Congress play the part [...]

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Limited Government – Man is not a beast

Have you ever gone past a pasture and seen horses or cows standing in the field not doing much of anything except eating?  Have you ever been to a farm and seen chickens in their coops, pigs in their stalls, or rabbits in their cages? If you have, you’ve no doubt noticed that such animals don’t [...]

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Free Markets – To be managed?

There is an ever growing chant from Washington D.C. that says the government needs to manage the economy for our good. However, there is nothing the government does that we can't do better for ourselves and the reason why is because the sale and purchasing of items depends on people deciding for themselves what they want. [...]

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Virtue and Accountability – What it means to be accountable

The word accountable was first used in the managing of money. We put our money into an “account” which literally means “to count” money. To find out how much money a person has, someone must count it and it is in this way that they “account” for it. To account for someone’s money when buying [...]

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