Tea Party Patriots: Visit Reps Offices 8/27 to End Iran Nuke Deal

The Tea Party Patriots (national group) is calling for tea party supporters to visit your local congressional offices to tell them that you do NOT support the Iran nuclear deal. There is a great deal of more information on the TPP website, including a toolkit to facilitate your visit. Richmond Tea Party is not formally [...]

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India, Iran, and Oil: Follow Up

A few days ago we posted this piece on trade negotiations between India and Iran. India imports 80% of its oil, and buys about 16% of its imported oil from Iran. This is a very important matter for India. The United States is pressuring India to participate in economic sanctions against Iran and that has [...]

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War Is Good For The Economy?

The saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. But David Broder's column in WaPo yesterday brushes aside all pretenses. Titled "The War Recovery?", Broder openly suggests that the U.S. ramp up for war as a way out of our economic crisis, and that the Republicans would likely support this: The steps that have been [...]

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