GOP War on Tea Party Favorites Gaining Momentum

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) More on this in the coming weeks, but there's more-and-more stories coming out now about how the "establishment" GOP is working to "take out" any opposition to its big government plans by tea party/liberty politicians. The latest air raid siren to go off pertains to representative Justin Amash (R-Michigan), [...]

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VTPP Issues Press Release on Conservative Purge

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation has issued a press release regarding the recent republican purge of conservatives from various House committee positions. Full text below: For Immediate Release December 5, 2012 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Contact: Mark Daugherty 540-885-5627 Email: 540-255-1431 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Demands That Speaker Boehner Reinstate House [...]

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