JustinAmash - Credit: Club for Growth

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan)

More on this in the coming weeks, but there’s more-and-more stories coming out now about how the “establishment” GOP is working to “take out” any opposition to its big government plans by tea party/liberty politicians. The latest air raid siren to go off pertains to representative Justin Amash (R-Michigan), who says and does all the right things for the liberty agenda in Congress. You see, anyone that doesn’t “fall in line” with republican leadership must be squashed under its boot, ESPECIALLY any tea party/liberty upstarts. The GOP just simply cannot have anyone causing a ruckus with its high-profile corporate donors/business interests, regardless of whether or not that ruckus is the right thing to do for the country.

Buckle-up folks…this is about to get ugly. And thankfully, this is a good conversation to have…perhaps on the back-end of this debate there will be a republican party that at least remotely resembles the tenants of its own creed. We could use quite a bit less of the ‘Corrupt Bastards Club‘.


Dislaimer: this is not to say that “all” republicans are bad obviously….hopefully that is clear. There’s definitely some good guys out there, and they deserve our support, when earned.


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