Remember Those Who Gave All

On this Memorial Day, we ask that you remember and be thankful for those before us who gave their lives so that we may be free. Remember that today is not about cook-outs, sporting events, or sales in stores on products. We ask that you be sure to tell your children the meaning of this [...]

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The Price of Liberty

Standing with my family this morning for the Memorial Day service at the Virginia War Memorial, I was thinking of a simple poem I read yesterday, "It is the Soldier" by Charles M. Province. How great is the debt we owe our soldiers, from those who first took up arms in 1775 to create a [...]

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Richmond Tea Party Memorializes our Fallen Hereos

In the Tea Party movement you will hear the term "patriot" used frequently. We use it to refer to all the Tea Party activists who assume personal responsibility to be engaged in the political process daily so that we can restore the authority of the Constitution and guarantee that government is by the consent of the [...]

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