In the Tea Party movement you will hear the term “patriot” used frequently. We use it to refer to all the Tea Party activists who assume personal responsibility to be engaged in the political process daily so that we can restore the authority of the Constitution and guarantee that government is by the consent of the governed verses the tyranny of the elite. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines patriot as:

one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests

or says:

a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

While many of us in the Tea Party like to consider ourselves patriots, there is absolutely no greater patriot than the men and women of our military who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives to defend our country and guarantee our liberties. They understood the exceptionalism of our country and the importance of protecting it with their lives. They were willing to leave family, friends and their homes so that we could have liberty. Our military is the epitome of patriotism. We owe them everything and should look to them for the example of how we all should live and the passion we should have for our country.

I pray you will take the appropriate time this weekend to reflect on the sacrifices of our amazing military patriots. And when you get discouraged that one more phone call or email to your elected representative won’t make a difference in restoring virtue, honor and Constitutional adherence, let’s remember that it is the very least we can do to safeguard our liberties. The ultimate sacrifice has been paid so that you have the right to petition your government.

THANK YOU TO OUR MILITARY AND THEIR FAMILIES WHO HAVE PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR US. We are grateful beyond expression. We will remember and honor you this Memorial Day weekend….we will remember you always.