Fox News political columnist Liz Peek says that: “Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina has introduced a constitutional amendment to establish term limits on those serving in Congress. He notes that over the past two decades politicians have been reelected 90% of the time. “Americans know that real change in Washington will never happen until we end the era of permanent politicians” says DeMint. He is completely right. In poll after poll, a large majority of Americans say they support term limits. The good news is that we may not have to wait for DeMint’s long-shot bill to pass; the Tea Partiers may impose term limits all by themselves.”

Maybe she’s right. But let’s cement a term limits process in place with Sen. DeMint’s Constitutional Amendment to make sure that even after the Tea Party movement has succeeded (and it will), the Republicans and Democrats in Congress won’t worm their way back to permanent employment (because THEY will too).

Remember the 1994 Republican “Contract with America”?  75 Republicans came into office as part of the “Revolution,” which was based in part on a “Citizen Legislature” 12-year term limit provision. Today, SIXTEEN YEAR LATER. 23 are still members of Congress (16 remain in the U.S. House) – more than 30%!!! Don’t trust politicians’ promises. Get it in writing, get it in the Constituion.