Debt Limit Debate: What’s Really Going On?

Watching TV while eating lunch today inspired this rant. Relevant ideas for your consideration: The budget "cuts" are compounded over ten years, but the debt ceiling raise is just until it gets used up again. So when they talk about "$2 Trillion in cuts and $2 Trillion in debt ceiling increase" what they mean is [...]

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Does Anyone Remember Lehman Brothers?

T-Bill rates now negative, general collateral at 1 (ONE!) basis point (=0.01% interest). Negative interest rates mean that you are willing to pay someone to hold your money on the belief that you will get your money back less a storage fee. Capital is going into hiding at a frenetic pace. Negative short term rates [...]

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Brace Brace Brace

Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook: See that dip and then up-spike in late 2010? The up-spike was the start of QE2. The markets are now pricing in the scheduled end of QE2 next month. Would anyone care to guess what happens next? What happens when the irresistable force meets the immovable object? Peter Schiff has some [...]

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