Ed Gillespie wins GOP US Senate nomination

Its official...Shak Hill has has just conceded the race to Ed Gillespie. Gillespie will be the republican candidate in the US Senate race against democrat Mark Warner in November.   GOP Candidate for Senate Ed Gillespie and his Family    

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RPV Convention 2014

              The Republican Party of Virginia has its convention today in Roanoke to select the republican candidate for US Senate. The big story here is the race between "grassroots" candidate Shak Hill and "establishment" candidate Ed Gillespie. For live-blogging updates from Roanoke, you can visit: TheBullElephant.com live coverage BearingDrift.com [...]

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Laura Ingraham Headlines Rally For Brat

News contributor Laura Ingraham is coming to Richmond this Tuesday to join Dave Brat for a rally in Eric Cantor's own neighborhood - the Dominion Country Club. Laura is a principled conservative that is an outspoken advocate against amnesty for illegal aliens and for the American worker. Alan Keyes and Shak Hill will also be [...]

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What Drives Shak Hill?

Although Richmond Tea Party does not officially endorse political candidates, we do try to help our readers understand what "makes them tick." Shak Hill is a candidate for U.S. Senate, a challenger for the seat now held by Mark Warner. When I last spoke with Shak, I wanted to find out a little bit more [...]

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