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Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party, Larry is an activist at heart. Restoring the Republic to the vision of the Founding Fathers is what makes him "tick." It's as simple as that.

Trevor Loudon is Coming to Richmond Tea Party!

Richmond Tea Party to Host Trevor Loudon World-Renowned Expert on Communism to Speak at Jan. 23rd Meeting! It is our privilege to host Trevor Loudon at our next monthly meeting. This author, speaker and tireless activist from New Zealand will keep you shocked and spellbound as he unravels the web of Communist threads woven over [...]

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What Drives Shak Hill?

Although Richmond Tea Party does not officially endorse political candidates, we do try to help our readers understand what "makes them tick." Shak Hill is a candidate for U.S. Senate, a challenger for the seat now held by Mark Warner. When I last spoke with Shak, I wanted to find out a little bit more [...]

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Dave Brat Announces Challenge to Cantor!

This Thursday, January 9th, Dave Brat will formally announce his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives (Va-7th)! He will then begin a 2-day tour of the 7th District. Dave is an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College, who also attended Princeton Seminary. He regularly speaks to business associations, government officials, and conservative organizations, including Tea [...]

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“Bring it!”

“Bring It!” In a recent news article, published by a major firm, the headline refers to Tea Party and other groups as “insurgents.” The story caption reads “The Republican establishment’s much-anticipated pushback against the tea party wing is underway…”, as if reporting on a back-and-forth conflict in some far-off 3rd world country. Truly, civil war [...]

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Meeting/Party Dec. 12th! How the Grinch Stole the Economy

MEETING NOTICE! How the Grinch Stole the Economy! Join us as we hear the story of how our previously-robust economy has been stolen by the Government, and what action you should take now! Economist Robert Marcellus, Managing Director of Richmond Optimus, will show you the "real" state of our economy, how it got that way, [...]

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Advantage Mugger? NYC ‘Stop & Frisk’ Law vs. the Constitution

New Yorkers would not have to tremble in fear by merely walking a street at night, or fear muggings in stairwells or subways, robberies, rapes and murders, because they would have a fighting chance. Nor would they need multiple locks on their doors. But no, they have accepted that all guns are bad and don’t [...]

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Why Obama Hates the Gettysburg Address

That's a pretty bold statement! What proof do I have to back it up? I have the proof of my own eyes...and so do you. Without question, the shocking and unconstitutional power grab of the current President has been without parallel in our Nation's long history. Among the substantial pile of evidence, one could point [...]

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A 2X4 To The Head!

Liberals just got whacked by a 2X4 to the head! Or maybe just a cold shower. But millions of putative liberals are awakening only to find out they aren’t liberal anymore. It appears the prediction on that bumper sticker from about the time when “Hillarycare” was thankfully aborted, which read, “If you think health insurance [...]

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Hit Back! Sign Up for the Tea Party Action Conference! It’s This Week!

"Changing the Rules of the Game!" What a great title for a conference! This is what conservatives have needed to do for 5 decades! Come & learn how! This weekend, starting Friday, the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation is hosting a conference you won't want to miss! All participants will learn the "art" of political [...]

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Gotta Match? Donate Now and Double Your Money!

Only 24 Hours Left to Double Your Money When You Give! PATRIOT-DONOR WILL DOUBLE YOUR DONATION! A week ago, we sent out an email letting you know that one of our generous supporters has decided to match all donations! Many of you have taken advantage of this opportunity, but there's only 24 hours left to [...]

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The Affordable Boat Act

The Affordable Boat Act The U.S. government has just passed a new law entitled "The Affordable Boat Act" declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat by April, 2014. These 'affordable' boats will cost an average of $54,000-$155,000 each. This does not include taxes, trailers, towing fees, licensing and registration fees, fuel, docking and [...]

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Racism Thrives Where it Always Has…On the Left!

The title might surprise you, but there is ample evidence to support the claim. The Left has been, and still is, the incubator and dwelling place of rampant racism in this country. Although it is common to see conservative groups of the Right painted with the broad brush of bigotry, history and current events show [...]

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