The title might surprise you, but there is ample evidence to support the claim. The Left has been, and still is, the incubator and dwelling place of rampant racism in this country. Although it is common to see conservative groups of the Right painted with the broad brush of bigotry, history and current events show otherwise. To prove my point, I will introduce 3 pieces of evidence for your consideration to support this charge.

First, Exhibit “A”. Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson recently sent out campaign propaganda which compared the Tea Party to the KKK while displaying a burning cross. So much for the Democrats being the party of tolerance and inclusiveness. This is wrong on so many different levels; the ride up and down the issues would rival the elevator trip in the Empire State Building. Let’s just stick with one…this is hate speech, based on the most vile form of racism. Tea Party people believe in manageable government, fiscal responsibility, and accountability of our representatives and each other. Where in that platform do Tea Party supporters earn this racist smear? Answer? They don’t! This is clearly a one-sided attack from a very sick mind. Rep. Grayson sees a “racist devil behind every tree stump,” and simply obsesses on race. He needs therapy to help him let go. Oh, and as a footnote, he didn’t even get his history right. The KKK was an organization begun and supported by Democrats.

On to Exhibit “B.” The ranting of Jesse Jackson, who has become the “grandfather clock” of America, its ticking is as loud as ever, but somehow you just don’t notice it anymore. Most recently, he attacked the patriotic citizens of the Tea Party, claiming that they are the “Ft. Sumter Tea Party,” and the reincarnation of the “Old Confederacy.”  Again, a racial slur and hate speech coming from the “supposedly-tolerant” Left. Clearly, this is a man whose tactics belong to a different era. Race-baiting is Jackson’s lame attempt to remain relevant in an era in which mixed marriages are mainstream, black athletes and entertainers make millions, black workers are found in every level of the cooperate world, and (most ironic of all) there is a black man in the White House! It’s safe to say the glass ceiling for blacks has been broken. Does Jackson forget that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican?  Has he swept aside the fact that it was the Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, despite the filibuster from the Democrats? Or, that Democrats instituted the bigoted ‘Jim Crow’ laws? Ah, how easily we forget when there’s money to be made by ceaselessly beating the drum of racism, even at the expense of innocent patriots who passionately believe that “all mean are created equal.”

Finally, Exhibit “C.” The handshake that never was. Recently, during the campaign for Lt. Governor, it was a Democrat who stooped to new lows. Ralph Northam, the McAuliffe-backed candidate representing the Democrats, refused to shake the extended hand of his Tea Party-backed opponent, E.W. Jackson, after a televised debate. To be exact, he refused it twice. In doing so, the Democrat repudiated all for which E.W. stands—traditional values, liberty, fiscal responsibility, proud service as a U.S. Marine, civility, and personal accountability. Oh, and one more thing…E.W. is black. A white Democrat refusing to shake the hand of a black Republican. No amount of “spin” can fix that.

Additional evidence before we reach our final verdict. The Richmond Tea Party has 5 board members…one of them is black. It also boasts a very active minority outreach team, whose supporters are of varied races. Recently, this same group hosted a showing of the film “Runaway Slave,” an award-winning film by C.L. Bryant (a black Tea Party leader) documenting good reasons for blacks to leave the “Democratic plantation.” Richmond Tea Party also recently marched alongside the Black American Leadership Alliance in Washington, D.C. And, on a personal note, I had a black groomsman in my wedding. Racism in the Tea Party? The charge must be thrown out, not for lack of evidence, but evidence to the contrary. I rest my case.

The verdict is in. Racism is alive and well in politics, but not where you might expect. Racism dwells neither in the Tea Party, nor the party of Abraham Lincoln. The evidence clearly shows…racism thrives on the Left!