“Bring It!”

In a recent news article, published by a major firm, the headline refers to Tea Party and other groups as “insurgents.” The story caption reads “The Republican establishment’s much-anticipated pushback against the tea party wing is underway…”, as if reporting on a back-and-forth conflict in some far-off 3rd world country. Truly, civil war has broken out within the GOP. Brought on by the self-serving ‘establishment elitists,’ the gauntlet of political battle has been laid down at our feet. To that, most Tea Party supporters have a universal response…”Bring it!”

Boehner rantAnd can you blame us? The recent melt-down by the weak-kneed, teary-eyed John Boehner typifies the rhetoric of the hateful “Whigs” who are bullying their own base, assuredly to their own self-destruct. Speaker Boehner says that because we conservatives are willing to actually fight for constitutional and conservative government that we have “lost all credibility” and glibly adds, “I don’t care what they do.” Really? You don’t care about the very people who gave you your job (it was the Tea Party that secured the majority in the House that made it possible to even be the Speaker)? And, like Robin is to Batman, the hapless Eric Cantor remains Boehner’s compliant “’ol chum,” aiding his push for bigger government, rolling over on Obamacare, and crafting blanket amnesty in the smoke-filled hideouts of fellow statists. Add to that Senate Minority “Leader” McConnell’s remark that we deserve a collective “punch in the nose.” Now, finally, an impressive array of lobbyists, big business leaders, and media wonks have formed in line of battle against Patriots whose sole aim is to refresh the parched political landscape with the life stream of Liberty!

You can see now why the Tea Party and other conservative groups say…“Bring it!”

The rank-and-file grassroots supporters are so sick of the big-government, tax and spend liberal Republicans who have brought our Republic to the brink of extinction, so tired of the rhetoric of conservatism, followed time after time by the Realpolitik of socialism, and so completely fed up with the absolute lack of spine in the Republican leadership, that they are ready to take this elephant by the tusks and have it out.

This battle is just beginning, and the outcome far from certain. The battlefield, however, is coming into focus quite clearly…the GOP primary! Both sides now realize the “high ground” commanding the field is the election itself, and both sides will give the last full measure to “take that hill.” We have passed the era of détente. There is no mollifying the base now. All trust is broken. A treaty now would be of no more use than if it were held high by a grinning Neville Chamberlain. A new strategy is emerging. Recall and replace. Conservatives have a new battle cry, “Purge the Party!”

spartanmotherThe Tea Party and other conservative groups would do well to remember the admonition of the mothers of ancient Sparta, as they sent their men off to war—“Come home with your shield, or come home on it!” They should remember, too, Lincoln’s famous citing of the Bible, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” It must become all one thing, or all the other. For the sake of the nation and our posterity, let us hope that the ‘thing’ we become will once again be a free republic, restored to us by a brave band of gritty, determined, out-gunned and out-spent Patriots who did not shrink from the call to give their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.