Asset-Stripping: A Term To Remember

The principle purpose of banking is asset-stripping. What is asset-stripping? The best way to understand it is this: financial terrorism. It's really very simple, very insidious, very effective, and it wears a suit. First, it's important to understand the main operational aspect of banking: counterfeiting. Ooops, did I say counterfeiting? I mean "Fractional Reserve Banking." [...]

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Greece is AIG; Guess Who’s Playing the U.S. Taxpayer?

If you answered: "WE ARE!", you're absolutely correct! Here's the latest and greatest on the bankers' rape of the U.S. taxpayer. Many of you are following the "Greek Tragedy" that is, well, Greece. The Greek state joined the European Union a few years ago, under false pretenses. You see, there are sovereign debt limits imposed [...]

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