Some truth about the unemployment numbers

We hear the DC "spin machine" talk about how jobs are being created and the employment outlook is improving, but is it really? It's important to understand how the metrics are being captured and reported, as it can be a simple thing to spin the numbers for political gain. Watch this video from Prager University for [...]

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sponsored a "resume drop" on the same day that a new, dismal jobs report came out. "The Real Julia" decided to include her resume in the drop, and it shows just a sample of how the Democrat's own failed policies are keeping people like Julia from getting jobs. Check out [...]

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Americans for Prosperity: Restoring American Exceptionalism

From Americans for Prosperity:         Dear Virginian:   Today, our college graduates face the highest unemployment rates in history. American 15-year-olds rank 35th out of 57 industrialized countries in math and literacy. Americans shouldn’t rank 35th in anything! Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation, State Senator Steve Martin, Christian Braunlich from the Thomas [...]

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Recovery? WHAT Recovery?!

(Data sources are US CBO and Federal Reserve) The chart above (click, then click again to enlarge) shows three data sets: 1) in red, the federal budget deficit; 2) in dark blue, US Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the supposed size of the US economy; 3) in highlighted light blue, shows what US GDP would be [...]

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The Financial Condition of the World: Excepts From the Mainstream and Alternative Financial Press (Part III)

In this final installment, I want to emphasize the connection between economics and politics. In my mind the two are interwoven and inseparable. Economics is about who produces what, and politics is about who gets to keep it. The political system is exactly as virtuous as are the people who comprise it. Activity in the [...]

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