Delegate Bob Marshall has been a tireless champion of our 10th amendment legislation in Virginia and had therefore been given an invitation to speak at the upcoming April 15th Tax Day Rally to talk about the huge successes of this legislation. Though the Richmond Tea Party is a grassroots organization that champions fiscal restraint, constitutional adherence, free markets, and limited government, we feel compelled to address the statements made by Delegate Marshall regarding post-abortion pregnancy complications being nature’s punishment. We do not support or agree with the statement.

To his credit, we understand that Delegate Marshall has apologized for the statement, has stated that they were misinterpreted, has a record for advocating for disabled children, and has three adopted children himself. However, due to the sensitivity of the topic that affects so many, we have withdrawn his name from the speaker’s roster.

You can also see Delegate Marshall’s speach from the floor of the House of Delegates where he discusses this issue and the reporting.

We will continue to add speakers to the roster between now and Tax Day. Doc Thompson will be our MC. We are also excited to have Charles Payne with FOX Business as our headline speaker along with Jimmy Barrett (WRVA Radio), the Lee Brothers (Scott Lee from WRVA Radio), Matt Whitworth (VCU), Chris Kinsel (AFR Radio) and many other RTP patriots. Dozens of volunteers are working hard to ensure that this event is an incredible experience. We look forward to seeing you all at Kanawha Plaza!