The Tea Partiers are having a REAL effect in Utah. Robert Bennett, a RINO who has sold out principled conservatives out time after time, is about to be humiliated in the U.S. Senate convention coming up in Utah. No doubt Orrin Hatch will realize he is next and start to modify his behavior. Kay Baily Hutchison, Charlie Crist and now Bennett appear to be ending their elective runs due to Tea Partiers.

UT: Bennett Falls To Third Place In GOP Primary
Following up on yesterday’s poll from Dan Jones and Associates, we have another poll from Mason-Dixon showing sitting Republican US Senator Bob Bennett falling to third place among Republican delegates who will be deciding on the Republican nominee for the US Senate race in Utah .

Mike Lee 37%
Tim Bridgewater 20%
Bob Bennett (inc) 16%
Cherilyn Eager 11%
Merrill Cook 1%

It’s clear Bennett will not win the nomination outright at this point. His problem now is that he needs to get into at least second place to even have a chance at the nomination in a Republican primary. Right now, it is hard to say from the polls that it is a sure thing. This poll was done April 22-25 among 400 delegates.

This is a politician who has been senator for 18 years. Way to go Utah Tea Party! We are about limited government, fiscal restraint, constitutional adherance, free markets and virtue and accountability. If you aren’t about those issues and are too busy saving your job and maintaining your power…we suggest you retire now or face the music in November.