Talked to Conservative HQ (Richard Viguerie) and Virginia Concerned Women for America and they are interested in joining the coalition to support the 10th Amendment bills.  American Family Radio has also stated they will run radio ads for the January 18 rally for the 10th Amendment bills. 

WRVA’s Doc Thompson is very supportive and interviewed Delegate Bob Marshall today on the 1oth amendment Health Care Reform Bill on his afternoon radio show.  The Health Care Reform Act bill (HB10) states that you can’t mandate health insurance in Virginia, nor fine or imprison anyone in Virginia who doesn’t have health insurance.  I know what you are thinking…this is a no brainer!  Here is the current list of supporters in the House of Delegates


Speaker of the House, Bill Howell

Del. Robert G. Marshall (Chief Co-Patron)

Del. John M. O’Bannon (Chief Co-Patron who is also a MD neurologist)

Delegate Kirk Cox (Majority Whip)

Del. Charles W. Carrico

Del. R. Steven Landes

Del. Mark L. Cole

Del. Robert Tata

Del. Scott Lingamfelter

Del. Harvey Morgan

If you don’t see your delegate, then PICK UP THE PHONE and call your delegate and ask them to co-sponsor HB 10.  No excuses.  Here is our opportunity to do something at the state level to tell the federal government NO MORE!  Don’t know who your delegate is?  Then go HERE!