It is clearly a tactic of the Progressive Left to portray the mainstream Tea Party movement as racist and violent. President Clinton has made it his occuption to change public opinion of the Tea Party mvoement so that people perceive us as somehow dangerous and fringe. Anyone who has been to a Tea Party Rally, including our recent Tax Day Rally, knows this to be completely absurd. We had thousands present last week that were young and old, families and retirees, black, brown and white.  This has nothing to do with race!

People are opposing the President and Congress because of a $12 trillion debt, orgy spending, corruption, and a total disregard for the Constitution. It would seem that they don’t like negative things being said about them and have decided to apply the Alinsky method of “attack and discredit the messenger.” Politicians need to wake up and realize that the Tea Party is comprised of not just Republicans, but Democrats, Independent and newly active voters.

See what these people have to say about Tea Party racism: