Virginia is blessed with ample, productive farmland; timber; mineral resources, including energy; established deepwater ports and shipbuilding; a centrally located air facility; and a populace that is hard working, fundamentally honest and leans fiscally conservative. What stands in our way?

The problem is jamming Virginians into a mold through common national legislation that dictates every aspect of every life – it simply doesn’t work. In fact, putting us all in the same box makes us easier to control, doesn’t it? We know that was never the intent of the original compact between the states.

It is certain that we all share, with our sister states, a definite and lasting friendliness, accord, congeniality, and common lifestyle and interest. We have been through much together; and there is nothing closer to our hearts and minds than our lasting promise of mutual friendship and cooperation. Virginia’s pursuit of greater influence in her internal affairs must be seen as what it is: no one knows better than Virginia what is best for Virginia. What could be more obvious? I believe we are finding the other states are just as interested as we are in rolling back Leviathan.

Many times I have gotten into spirited debates with left-socialists; and one common argument they put forward is always this: “It’s not the 18th century anymore; people have to accept more government because of the size and diversity of the population.” You might have heard this one yourself. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. The more of us there are, and the more diverse we are, the more important it is for us to retain and assert our individual liberties. Smashing us all into some one-size-fits-all mold merely smashes us. It makes it impossible for us to come up with solutions that work for ourselves, our families, our communities and our states. Not only that, and more importantly, it stifles the very creativity that is the primary genius of the American system. Why has America been so productive? Because she unleashed the human spirit.

It is this spirit that is reawakening, all across America, and none too soon. The failure of the overweening national government is increasingly evident. We have many collective strengths as Americans, but my primary concern remains Virginia’s future. We must, and we are making every effort to, reassert our own systems and control of our own lives. There is only one reason for the federal government to resist our efforts, and it is not a good one. Power wielded best is power wielded least, but that is a principle that the federal government is totally unfamiliar with.