It would seem that we have really hit the big time! We are now drawing the direct attention of the Unions. A website has been set up called, “The Tea Party is Over“. They say their mission is to “prevent the Tea Party’s dangerous ideas from gaining legislative traction.” God forbid our ideas trump their ideas of socialized medicine, government-controlled industry, price fixing, federal control of every aspect of your life, and the list goes on. I find it completely shocking that they find limited government, fiscal restraint, and Constitutional allegiance to be “dangerous ideas.” That just goes to show you what kind of mentality we are dealing with on the LEFT.

This website is being sponsored by American Public Policy Committee. To follow the money trail from this Committee is beyond fascinating.

  • Democratic Governor’s Assn: $60,000
  • Patriot Majority: $30,000

And who gives money to Patriot Majority? Well that is when it gets REAL interesting:

  • American Federation of Fed/State/Munic Union: $5,800,000
  • Service Employee Interntional Union: $770,000
  • Communications Workers of America Union: $300,000
  • Teamsters Union: $250,000
  • United Food and Commercials Workers Union: $125,000

Are you getting the picture? This is just a small glimpse. So don’t you feel completely emboldened now? You, my friend, have become the target of the Union. So you and I must be doing something right to draw the ire of the Unions. Little do they realize that we are motivated by passion and by what is right, not bribes and money. You can’t kill motive that comes from the heart and conviction that comes from the soul. We are here to stay!