I heard someone the other day refer to the Tea Party as being “right wing.” I have no idea where the “wing” came from, but we do admit we are right that the principles of constitutional governance, limited government, fiscal restraint, free markets, and governing with virtue and accountability are all necessary to ensure the preservation of our freedom.

Now if the liberals believe we are “right wing” then they must be “wrong wing.” I was taught to always be on the side of right. If the wrong side admits we are right, what’s wrong with that? We should not be offended when the “wrong” calls us “right.” In fact, we should be proud to be on the right side.

When I hear people on the street complaining about big government, out-of-control spending, and power hungry politicians, they always end their conversation with, “that’s not right!” You see, they recognize it’s not we who are doing the wrong, because we are right wings. Everybody knows right from wrong except the wrong wing liberals who admit we are right wings.

I just want all the wrong wingers out there in America to know that the doors to the right wing will always open to you when you turn to the right way of thinking.