“Arrest him!” he said.  “Arrest him!”

“Why?” said helpless Uncle Sam.

“Because he’s stolen my wallet and my shorts.  And, if I turn my back again, he’ll take the shirt off my back!”

And so goes the story between Joe Citizen and Uncle Sam as they ponder what to do about Ben Bernanke.

Then one day, Joe called a motley crew called the TEA Party.  Taxed enough already, they found another common enemy, the Federal Reserve.  The more the Fed eased quantities of printed money, the more Joe and the TEA Party saw the importance of having a QEA Party: Quantitative Easing Arrest Party.

First, TEA, now QEA.  Cut the taxes, cut the spending, and now stop the printing.

According to Monty Pelerin, “We [Americans] are increasingly viewed overseas as a profligate, fiscally irresponsible country with no willingness to change.”  Baloney!  We Americans are more than willing to change.  We are more than willing to pull the plug on the bloated federal and state governments.  We are more than willing to end the egregious, Mother-Nature-worshipping EPA regulations which would allow businesses to flourish again.  We are more than willing to have the Federal Reserve audited and then treated like small businesses in America.  We are more than willing to have the choice of alternate tax systems which would significantly reduce the amount of time individuals and businesses spend filing tax returns.  We are more than willing to return control of our coin and currency from the central bank we call the Federal Reserve to the constitutionally required oversight of the Congress (see Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5).

And most of all, if those politicians won’t proceed with intestinal fortitude to make the changes we are demanding and don’t believe us after what we accomplished on November 2nd, then We the People who empowered them through our constitutions will be more than willing to send them home every November until they get it right!

Enough is enough!  When will the elite in this country and around this world get it through their thick heads that We the People here in America are highly intelligent and are on to them like Jason Bourne to the CIA?  No more amnesia.  No more memory loss.  No more obfuscation.  No more deception.  Stop the printing and let the elite feel some pain for a while.

Of course, they’ll continue with their doublespeak and Orwellian dialogue.  We’ve had enough!  Ludvig von Mises stated, “A fiat-money inflation can be carried on only as long as the masses do not become aware of the fact that the government is committed to such a policy.”  Well, We the Masses have become aware.  We the Masses have peeked behind the wizard’s curtain.  We the Masses see what clothing the emperor is really wearing.

Stop the printing, and stop it now!