Here is an email we received from Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty, who has been a tremendous leader in helping shepherd through these 10th Amendment bills:

In a 4 – 1 vote in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1,
HB 69, the VA Firearms Freedom Act, was recommended to be reported by the full MPPS Committee to the full House for a vote. It was a party vote with the 4 Republicans in favor and the lone Democrat opposed. The recommendation is non-binding. The bill will come before the full MPPS Committee next week.

There was much opposition testimony by those who believe that guns kill. I’ve never seen a gun law that reformed a criminal or prevented them from getting guns. Imagine how life would be if everyone felt that way. You and I would be defenseless against an arsenal of weapons any criminal is able to obtain regardless of gun laws that restrict them. [RTP Sidenote: Not to mention that it is a right in the Constitution. We support the entire Constitution, not just selective parts.]

The feeling is that this bill will pass the full committee. The real battle will be in the Senate. We will need ALL HANDS ON DECK when it comes up on the Senate side with as many patriots in attendance and willing to give testimony in support of the bill as possible.

I will keep you updated as the bill moves forward and alert you to the meeting of the full MPPS Committee on HB69.