Va Senate Cmte to let HB 69 die quietly

Looks like one of our 10th Amendment bills is being intentionally stuffed in a drawer. The Firearm Freedom Act, HB69, was referred to the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, which is NOT a favorable committee for us. It contains an overwhelming majority of Democrats and moderate Republicans. The Committee is made up of 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans. It looks like the Committee has it set up to die a quiet death. If we could get a vote on the bill, we could probably count on Hurt, Obenshain, and McDougle. All other senators are questionable.

Tomorrow is the last day for this bill to be added to the Committee docket. So far the Committee has refused to put this bill on the docket. We believe they want to let it die a quiet death in committee without a vote. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!! Make them at least vote and be accountable!

Of the Democrats, Marsh, Saslaw, Howell, Lucas, Puller, McEachin, and Petersen probably won’t give it the time of day. Senators Edwards, Reynolds, and Deeds are our best shots. These are from big gun districts. If we get these three Democrats plus the five Republicans, we win the committee vote. This will be extremely difficult. We need all hands on deck now!!!!

Senator McDougle (R) / 698-7504 /
Senator Norment (R) / 698-7503 /
Senator Quayle (R) / 698-7513 /
Senator Edwards (D) / 698-7521 /
Senator Reynolds (D) / 698-7520 /
Senator Deeds (D) / 698-7525 /

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