Lobby Day is when large groups of citizens travel to the Virginia General Assembly to speak with unified voices to our legislators on topics important to the 2018 session. We encourage all available citizens to attend and to gain the experience of interacting with your representatives. They can’t possibly know what you want them to do/how to vote if you don’t tell them! While we focus here on the efforts of the VCDL, you can use this day to contact legislators on any numbers of topics you choose. We do however, strongly support VCDL and would hope that you show your support for their efforts. If you do plan on joining them specifically, be sure to let them know via their Facebook event page.

Hope to see you there!

From the Virginia Citizens Defense League; a Virginia-focused 2nd amendment rights advocacy group:

All Virginia Gun Owners, Family and Friends -TAKE OFF WORK NOW for Jan 15, 2018 VCDL “Lobby Day”!

WHAT IS “VCDL LOBBY DAY”? This is the day when hundreds and hundreds of gun owners come to the temporary General Assembly building in Richmond (900 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219) to meet with the Virginia Legislature (our Senators and Delegates). We form small groups around 0830 just outside the building with our legislative agenda and how VCDL stands on bills (Support, Neutral, Don’t support) and we ask our reps to VOTE on bills they way WE want them to vote. More information will be posted in JANUARY 2018 – This VIDEO from 2010 is a small example of what Lobby Day is all about: http://vimeo.com/34618841 –

Take off work now and plan on coming! Bring a friend!