I am a citizen in Congressman Dave Brat’s District 7, and I am not alone in being extremely proud of him for speaking out on the danger of ISIS and Dave’s seeking to make all citizens aware of the danger of ISIS recruits joining our military.

I can scarcely believe that voices have been raised in denial of this threat, when as a Nation we were horrified when one of our own, a Major in the US Army, screamed “Allahu Akbar” and began mowing down his fellow unarmed soldiers, filling the Fort Hood mortuary.

Perhaps you have forgotten when Army Sergeant Hasan Akbar rolled grenades at his fellow 101st Airborne soldiers on March 2003 while they were camped in the Kuwaiti desert, killing two of his superior officers and wounding 14 others?

I know those cases involved our own citizens killing us in the name of Allah, but the possibility of foreigners coming here to murder us is also not new.


Congressman Dave Brat

We were giving Dzhokhar Tsarnaey money to live in America, giving him and his brother the opportunity to kill some of our innocents. Recent reports substantiate that students are getting college loans and then using those loans to pay for their flight to go fight for ISIS. What is so unbelievable about what Dave Brat is saying, that the open door to immigrants currently flooding the border will attract ISIS members who will be rewarded by being stationed alongside US military members, there avowed target?

Yes, there are plenty of immigrants who have become American citizens and legally waited their turn; this letter and David Brat’s warnings have nothing to do with those citizens, who are as much an “American” as anyone else.

The concern is with the flood of immigrants uninterested in complying with the laws to become citizens, and our federal government who is clearly complicit in distributing to local neighborhoods throughout all states. Yes, while some are fleeing terrible conditions wrought by their own governments, our collective government (federal, state, and local) have no way to separate the desperate from the ones willing to do us harm.

The federal government has unleashed a class of lawlessness; the IRS admits not being able to keep track of the illegals, and have no plans to reverse the policies that have already transferred billions of our taxpayer dollars to them (indeed, the plan through amnesty is to increase the billions showered on them).

In return, the illegal trespassers to our country have given us disease, rape, and crime. Disease brought in by illegals has taken the lives of many Americans. Babies put on ventilators and dying, measles, scabies and TB are on the rise. Rape and crime by some of the refugee resettlement groups is beginning to rear its ugly head. Rape in Sweden was up 11% in one year when these groups came in. Who is looking after the rights of regular citizens?

Next is the absolute drain on every citizen in Virginia through increased taxes. In free or reduced state tuition for college bound students (I am willing to bet not many knew that students at UVA threatened to burn their citizenship just to get reduced tuition), welfare, free healthcare, cars in some cases, and etc. The burden in taxes has become overwhelming to all, especially those on fixed incomes.

This is not to even mention having a country within a country when refugees come. Which laws do they go by? The Constitution cannot be supplanted by any other laws. Americans have to become vigilant and more vocal on all of these issues, just as Dave Brat.

People have attacked his character in order to silence him. I am so thankful for Dave because he is saying what most of us think but are unwilling to say. Other politicians who care more about the money or vote than their constituents are not acting as an agent for the people.

Suzanne Ircink, a Virginia Citizen of Mineral, VA

From the Virginia Free Citizen