To provide alternate news sources for liberty/freedom-minded folks in Virginia, the new Virginia Free Citizen online news site is now online and available! The VFC joins other sites like Fauquier Free Citizen and Greene Free Citizen to provide more/additional avenues for news around the state.

Please visit the VFC and show your support! Below is the press release detailing this information.




Contact: Jeff Bayard
Virginia Free Citizen

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RICHMOND, Va., March 10, 2014 — The Virginia Free Citizen is a new online resource that offers informational and educational content important to Virginia citizens. VFC provides an interactive platform for Independent, Conservative, Libertarian, Tea Party and other grassroots organizations. VFC focuses on issues impacting the freedoms of individual citizens in Virginia.

The site is funded by, written by and focused on Virginia citizens with the goal of cultivating a free, prosperous and informed Virginia.

Our newsletter is frequent and focused on those issues important to our freedoms.

VFC presents accurate information and facts to promote constitutional legislation and policy. Expert and knowledgeable sources offer fact-based information about issues affecting all regions of Virginia. The site advances the founding principles of America and the commonwealth of Virginia, a free market economy and a constitutional republic.

VFC publishes news, information, studies, reports and analysis of issues affecting Virginians from a knowledgeable perspective, including email alerts and a daily newsletter.

Breaking news and legislative action alerts selected by VFC staff are issued via email to members who opt for the service. We encourage those who are interested to try out our newsletter subscription for 30 days.

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