The Virginia Tea Party (statewide organization, of which we are a member) is conducting a conference call with Rep Jim Jordan tomorrow evening. Rep. Jordan would be an excellent choice for Republican House Speaker.

From the VATP:

Do you want to help President Trump drain the swamp?  Do you want true conservative leadership in the House of Representatives?

Will you contribute a few moments of your time into making these goals a reality?

I’m thrilled to tell you that Jim Jordan, a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, has announced that he will be running for Speaker of the House. The VATP Executive Committee has enthusiastically agreed to assist in getting Jim Jordan elected and now we are asking you to join us in this effort.

This Sunday, September 16th, at 7:00 pm, we will be hosting a conference call with Jim Jordan to hear directly from him about how he will lead the House of Representatives to drain the swamp and implement a conservative agenda. I invite you to join us.

Never before has a candidate for Speaker of the House made himself available to answer questions from folks like you and me. This is true grassroots leadership, and a terrific opportunity for us to ask about how Jim plans to make a difference.

The call-in information is:

Call-in number: (844) 844-0414
Access code: 852267#

Since we are expecting a large number of people on this call, and we only have 30 minutes allotted for Rep. Jim Jordan to speak to us, we will be muting all callers so all will be able to hear him speak.

Let’s get a real conservative elected Speaker of the House so we can Drain the Swamp!
For America,

Rick Buchanan
Chairman, Virginia Tea Party

P.S.: The unhinged left will do anything to stop President Trump and his conservative agenda. We need a conservative fighter as Speaker of the House who will pass strong conservative legislation to make America great again. Please join us next Sunday to hear from our next Speaker, Rep. Jim Jordan!