DECEMBER 7, 2011



When: 12/7/11, starting at 12:30 p.m.


Where: Meet in front of Capitol on Bank Street, between 9th and 10th Streets, Richmond


RSVP and questions: Contact Becky Greene atma*********@ao*.com


Use 1 Sign – Different Message on Each Side
Keep your message positive, with little usage of negativity as possible. Focus on Issues & Allen’s record of voting against Tea Party Principles.




ALLEN/KAINE PROTEST – 12:30-2 p.m.


We are protesting this establishment debate, which is being conducted prior to the conclusion of the primary season, because:


  • It excludes primary candidates from both sides of the aisle. We firmly believe that this hinders the democratic process and the selection of good candidates. The establishment candidates, Tim Kaine and George Allen are both okay with this format because they are eliminating the good ideas that are challenging them from the grassroots within their parties.
  • This debate also demonstrates that the Main Stream Media is behind deciding who our candidates should be.




Walk with us to the Mayor’s office & protest the obvious unfairness the city has shown to Richmond Tea Party (responding to our request for reimbursement with a tax audit). With your help, we can stop this misuse of government power.


More on Allen/Kaine Protest


The Allen/Kaine debate is from 1:30-3 p.m. However, we would like everyone to be at the Capitol by 12:30 p.m. (till 2 p.m.). Here are a few thoughts the Virginia Tea Party Patriots would like to remind you about George Allen.


  • George Allen voted 4 times to raise the debt ceiling, increasing it by 50% and adding $3.1 Trillion to the national debt.
  • Virginia General Fund spending increased by 45.6% while George Allen was Governor.
  • While in the U.S. Senate, George Allen voted for the costly No Child Left Behind and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. Now he opposes them.
  • George Allen also flip-flopped on ethanol, sugar and farm subsidies. After all this flip-flopping, George Allen now agrees with the Tea Party. …Coincidence??
  • George Allen owns a Lobbying firm and thinks it is okay for Lobbyists to give gifts to Congress and he wants no transparency which might expose bribes to Congress. But then…maybe he has changed his mind on this, too.
  • George Allen thinks tax subsidies are okay for companies that move jobs overseas.
  • Allen never met an earmark he didn’t like. He voted for 40,000 ear marks, including the Iowa indoor rain forest and is on record for multiple flip-flops on the bridge to nowhere.
  • George Allen supports UN Agenda 21, a plan for global governance which destroys property rights. He sponsored national heritage area, legislation giving environmentalist and a handful of wealth landowner’s extraordinary use over private landowners.
  • George Allen took money from Freddie Mac concurrent to his refusing to push for government sponsored enterprise (GSE) reform.
  • George Allen voted for Clinton-Feinstein gun ban.
  • George Allen voted to federalize the TSA.


  “The cost of doing nothing is much higher”


Ben Bierly, John Adams Patriots