Watching the House of Representatives vote for a Health Control bill that seizes 1/6th of the US economy, ushers in socialism under the pretense of saving children, doles out bribes, disregards rules, trashes the Constitution, robs from those who work hard, steals from Medicare, funds abortions with taxpayer money, bankrupts our country, and gives the middle finger to a majority of Americans who do not want this health control bill is absolutely appalling.

We have said NO on numerous occasions over the last year. Millions have marched on Washington DC to say NO. The elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts all said NO. We protested congressional district offices multiples times saying NO. We have individually called and faxed dozens of times and said NO. We passed 10th amendment legislation to say NO. And yet Congress has decided to IGNORE our voice. But what don’t they realize?

What they don’t realize is that this goes way beyond an election in November 2010. We won’t stop there. We will persevere with fortitude and relentless ambition until we restore our Constitutional Republic to its fullest. We will elect Constitutional patriots to Congress and the presidency. We will reform education in our country that will teach children the Constitution and the history of our Founders, instill patriotism, and provide bias free education, so that Nancy Pelosi can’t pervert its meaning by stating this bill was the will of the Founders. We will reform our local and state governments with laws that protect Virginians and reign in government. We will support the actions of Attorney General Cuccinelli to defend the rights of all Virginia citizens. We will expand and diversify our coalition of supporters to thwart a tyrannical government. We will restore the proper balance of powers and re-ignite the flames of true federalism.

Most importantly, we pledge to never be silent again. We will remember that the fundamental belief that we hold so dear of personal responsibility applies also to our involvement in the political process, and we will remain engaged. Never again will we allow this type of assault on our freeedoms to get this far. WE will be the ones to stand in the gap for the future of our children. This is not the end. This is just the beginning. Will you stand with us?

-Jamie Radtke