As hopefully you’ve noticed, we’re not an organization who endlessly hounds you for donations. This has been somewhat on purpose, as we try to operate as lean as we possibly can. This approach however, has not been the best plan to sustain the organization, much less to further our operational goals. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation where the very coordinators running our group are also largely self-funding it, and this has had an impact on our effectiveness.

To give you an idea what costs us money to maintain the group, here’s some examples of our expenses: Website hosting and related expenses, email/newsletter service, team collaboration expenses (Microsoft Office 365), state incorporation fees, insurance, credit card/online banking gateway fees…among others. We just recently turned off our VoterVoice online advocacy service, which we hope to be able to get back online in time for the upcoming General Assembly session. Additionally, we’d like to begin to message more in the community through some targeted advertising, but that takes at least a small amount of fundraising.

So what does this all mean? Well, we realize that we need to ask all of you for your support if we hope to sustain this organization over time. We’ve collapsed our merchandise store into our main website now, and we have established some donation options that we can share below.

What would help us the most is your commitment of a small recurring donation. When we have at least some idea of the support we can expect monthly/quarterly, this allows us to actually budget and plan. When we’re always month-to-month for funding, its very hard to know if we’ll have the resources to execute on our plans. For those of you who can support us with that small recurring donation, we want to be able to acknowledge that support and show our appreciation, so we’re now announcing our “Pillar Member” membership status. Everyone who supports us with a recurring donation will become a Pillar Member, and enjoy some small benefits (we don’t have much to share, but we’ll do what we can!). There are more membership details on the donation page.

We also know that some of you may be hesitant to enroll in a recurring membership plan, which is why we used an eCommerce option that allows you to review and change/cancel your membership at any time, online, within your “My Account” dashboard once you have created an account. For those of you who are contributing monthly currently, we will be giving you membership directly (watch for notice!).

If you believe that having a viable, local, and conservative organization in the community is valuable and desired, please consider contributing now. We feel that having an alternate voice outside of political parties will be as important in the future as it is now, and we hope to be here in the Richmond area for years to come as more and more Virginians realize that we all need to come together to effect change.

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If you prefer a one-time donation, we’d be happy to accept that as well. Found HERE.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see all of you soon! Next Public Meeting

Eric McGrane
Richmond Tea Party