Obviously, the lame-stream media still can’t figure out the TP.  Are we a positive force for positive change, representing a formerly dormant large swath of Americans?  Or are we a group of stick-in-the-mud non-compromisers who will insist on “Our way or the highway”?

With Cruz victory in Texas, is the Tea Party the new ‘Establishment?’ – Fox News

It is time to think differently about the Tea Party,” said Darrell West, a political scientist at the Brookings Institution…“they are getting institutionalized as a movement: They have major political figures who are behind them; they have money that is behind them.

Victory for Ted Cruz is a victory for gridlock – LA Times opinion

Tea partiers are fed up with the status quo and demand change. So they elect people like Texas GOP Senate nominee Ted Cruz, who by emphasizing his own unwillingness to compromise ensures that nothing will change and that Congress will remain at least as paralyzed and powerless as it already is for the foreseeable future. Great move, Liptonites.

I suspect future political historians will look back at victories like Cruz’s…as the early stages of the spread of a kind of political nihilism, a philosophy that bears the seeds of its own destruction.

…the heart of what the tea party is about: sticking to an ideological opinion and never giving an inch.

…the intransigence of the newly reinvented GOP will increase the intransigence of Democrats, ensuring neither party will ever give way on anything.

Cruz’s Texas victory shows tea party staying power – The Miami Herald


We are witnessing a great awakening,” he said of his victory, presenting himself as part of a new generation of conservatism.

Sen. Patty Murray, the head of the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm,…: ‘I think the bigger issue there is that Mitch McConnell is now going to have a potentially much more Tea Party-oriented caucus, and we have all seen the damage that has done to our ability to govern, to find compromise, to move this country forward in a positive direction,” she said. “It’s more of their problem than ours.’