It gives me a sense of pride, freedom, liberation, and even justice to be a member of the Richmond Tea Party. I do not see myself as a Black American, but an American whose skin happens to be black. My thinking, dreams, and visions are deeply rooted in the American dream—a dream of hope and promise for the future, not only for myself but for my children. My dream and identity are embedded in the American ideal that all men are created equal and are afforded the right to live to the highest level of their potential—a quest my DNA compels me to undertake.

But when that dream and quest are threatened, it is my duty to stand on the side of truth and justice. My dreams turn to powered mist when I see the leaders of this nation carelessly rip the Constitution off its foundation. My identity is being lost in this fruitless quest to make the world a better place for those at the top.

My membership in the Tea Party is my voice of defiance for a just cause. This cause which we take up is not about color, because color cannot feed, clothe, or care for anyone. It’s what’s behind that color that’s important. Being in the Tea Party as a black person makes me feel like I am finally doing my part to make government obey its own laws.

Now I ask: Where are those racist Tea Partiers the media keeps talking about? I can’t find any here. So if you are an African American, I ask you to leave your race on the shelf for one moment and look closely at what’s happening in Washington. And when you see the hidden and destructive agenda of this Obama rule, then join me in standing up for truth. Let us all, Fight on!