During the 2010 campaign, Republicans promised to cut $100 billion from the federal budget. We elected them. Then the figure promptly dropped to $61 billion. And what was the final publicized number this past Friday? $39 billion.

And now we’re learning that the real number may be closer to 15 billion in cuts to discretionary spending, and that tactics of questionable honesty are being used to tabulate the cuts. This is less than one percent of the overall budget. Some media pundits and members of the republican establishment are touting this as a great victory. I strongly disagree.

We can do better. We MUST do better. Future generations are depending on us.

Eric Cantor is the majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and is OUR responsibility. The rest of the nation expects us to do our part in Richmond by holding his feet to the fire. If we don’t, he will continue to compromise our future away, starting with raising the debt ceiling next month.

The Tax Day Rally in Richmond is Monday at 5:00PM at Kanawha Plaza downtown. This is our time to show him that we are NOT satisfied with insulting and meaningless budget cuts and demand he start standing for fiscal restraint. If you want to Stop the In$anity in Washington and demand that our representatives cut spending by preventing a raise in the debt ceiling, you must turn out in large numbers to the rally on Monday. We must show Congressman Cantor that the Tea Party is still fully awake and engaged and that we will NEVER go back to sleep again. YOUR voices are critical in telling our representatives that we must stop runaway spending!

Be there to stand for liberty. Be there to stand for fiscal responsibility. Be there to stand for your children’s future.

Be there!

Eric McGrane

President, Richmond Tea Party