Kevin Jackson and Joe the Plumber have created individual pages for each city they plan to visit on the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour. Click here for Richmond’s page. They roll into town for the big event on May 5th.

Because they are funding this tour on donations and sponsorships, please consider contributing (no matter how big or small the amount) to the cause or signing up as a sponsor. You can donate from the Richmond page, so they’ll know our city supports what they’re trying to do.

The sponsor packages are as follows:

$5,000 – “Good Ol’ Boy”

Good Ol’ Boys are co-sponsors and get links to their websites, national media mentions, logo on tour website, and 50 t-shirts. Full page add in journal

$2,500 – “Homey”

Homeys are co-sponsors and get links to their websites, local media mentions, logo on tour website, plus 25 t-shirts. ½ page add in journal

$1,000 – “Bubba”

Bubbas are co-sponsors and get links to their websites, logo on tour website, plus 10 t-shirts. ¼ page add in journal

Please contact te**************@ri**************.com ASAP if you want to be a sponsor. In order to get mentioned in their journal, they must know by Monday, April 18th. Be assured that you WILL get a lot of positive coverage from this all-day event. And it’s for a good cause, as Kevin and Joe will attempt to unite America on our similarities, showing different communities that most of us all share the same basic Tea Party values.

Remember, Richmond is the FIRST stop on what is supposed to be a 50-state tour. It’s critical we set the tone for a strong, positive, and productive trip for Kevin and Joe. Let’s all together help fund this tour and prove them right that Tea Party people (especially those from Richmond!), are decent, generous people with strong values who simply want what’s best for the country we love so much.

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