Here is Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO, speaking to the Young “Democratic” Socialist Group and attacking the Tea Party. They are brazen about their attempts to fundamentally alter this country from a Constitutional Republic to a fully implemented socialist government. Americans reject this attempted hijacking of our Constitutional Republic, as poll after poll from any news source demonstrates. How do the Progressives overcome this unpopularity and implement their socialist agenda? They attempt to play the race card to portray us as intolerable and classify us as a hate group that needs to be silenced. What happens if that doesn’t work? Then they try the domestic terrorist accusations.

You cannot be silent and let them accuse you of something that is not true! This is comparable to somebody asking you, “When was the last time you beat your wife?” and you respond by saying nothing. Their is an implication by your silence that you are guilty. We all know we are a peaceful movement that is promoting the ideas of limited government, fiscal restraint, constitutional adherance, free markets, and virtue and responsibility. There is nothing radical in these ideas. They are the framework of our country. Make sure you fight back with the power of the keyboard. Leave comments on blog posts and articles, write letters to the editor, email the reporters. Let them hear from you.

We are the silent majority no more. Stand up and be heard. You may only have limited time to contribute to the Tea Party movement, but don’t underestimate the power of your computer. Use it to fight for freedom!