Just over three weeks ago, we watched as the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee considered SB 417 (along with its identical companions, SBs 311 and 283), the bill that provided that Virginians would not be required to purchase health insurance. During the debate, several senators had concerns dealing with judicial disputes, especially divorce cases where a judge would require that one parent purchase health insurance for a child. These senators were not convinced by the bill patrons’ explanations, and, accordingly, voted against the bill.

HB 10 is similar to SB 417, yet distinctly different. HB 10, for example, includes an exception dealing with judicial disputes. Specifically, it says, “No law shall interfere with the right of an individual to pay for lawful medical services…, except as required by a court where an individual is a named party in a judicial dispute.” This exception should assuage the senators on Senate C&L. They might, however, vote against the bill for other reasons.

Next Monday afternoon, 22 Feb., Senate C&L could potentially hear HB 10. In preparation, we are requesting that TEA Party Patriots contact four legislators on Senate C&L before 10 am next Monday:

– Sen. John Edwards: di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7521
– Sen. Creigh Deeds: di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7525
– Sen. Mark Herring: di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7533
– Sen. Donald McEachin: di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7509

Let them know that HB 10, that they could potentially hear Monday, 22 Feb., contains an exception clause that would allow the courts to continue to require the purchase of health insurance. Then ask them if this would be enough for them to support HB 10.

IF you receive a positive response that one of these senators would support HB 10, please let RTP Legislative Chairman, Joe Guarino, know as soon as possible by emailing him at jo********@ri**************.com. Thanks.