In December 2009 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruled that carbon dioxide and methane would be considered air pollutants under the Clean Air Act. Now there have been plenty of humorous blog posts on the internet on this ridiculous ruling. How in the world do you say that the air we exhale is a pollutant? Plants need this carbon dioxide to live…and oh yeah…we need the plants for oxygen to breathe. Most of us learn this basic perpetual cycle of breathing in 3rd grade. It is one of the beautiful complexities in God’s creation.

So newly elected Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who won with significant Tea Party support in Virginia, has decided to take on the behometh EPA. Throughout his campaign he promised Tea Party Patriot groups that he would have no problem taking on the national government when they exceed their authority and violate the Constitution. This single promise is what garnered much of his Tea Party support during his campaign. Only a month in office and Cuccinelli has been quick to challenge Washington DC and live up to his word.

Last month Cuccinelli sent a letter to Congress along with other attorney generals stating that if they didn’t remove the Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase, Virginia would file suit that the health care bill was unconstitutional. When the Virginia Tea Parties submitted the Health Care Freedom Act bill to the General Assembly which stated that Congress could not mandate health insurance in Virginia, Cuccinelli publicly stated he would vigorously defend this bill in court on behalf of Virginia citizens.

Today Attorney General Cuccinelli takes on the EPA and tells them they are full of gas. He believes that the new information that has come out debunking the science behind man-made global warming should be reviewed. He filed petitions with the EPA and the U.S. Court of Appeals. Texas also filed the same petitions.

So what was the response of the EPA? According to the Washington Post,

EPA spokeswoman Adora Andy said in a statement: “The EPA’s endangerment finding is grounded in overwhelming science and the law. EPA is confident that the finding will withstand legal challenge and allow the agency to protect the American people from the significant dangers posed by greenhouse gases and carbon pollution.”

We need to do our part to express that this is a gross abuse of the EPA’s federal power. Email Warner/Webb/Cantor/Forbes and tell them you want them to send a letter supporting Cuccinelli’s petition to the EPA. Let’s draw the line in the sand. I think a safe line is that “you can’t regulate and tax my breathing!”