By Jamie Jacoby

No more beating around the bush. I don’t work for you, you work for me. Got it? Do you want my vote in November 2012? Here are my terms:

1. If you nominate retread insider George Allen to be the Virginia senate candidate, I won’t be voting R
2. If you raise the federal debt ceiling under any circumstances at all, I won’t be voting R
3. If you nominate a former central banker (Herman Cain), some national retread insider (Romney, Gingrich, etc), or someone who writes cheat notes on her hand for an interview (Palin) as your presidential nominee, I won’t be voting R
4. If you don’t press forward aggressively with Congressional investigations and state-level investigations into foreclosure fraud, I won’t be voting R
5. If you don’t press forward aggressively with Congressional investigations into endemic Wall Street fraud, or vigorously assist Senator Carl Levin with his, I won’t be voting R

I will no longer vote merely for the lesser of two evils. Establishment R’s: yes, this means I believe you are evil, just slightly less so than the Progressives. From now on, I am going to vote for what I really want, even if I have to write it in. By not voting R, am I helping the D’s? Perhaps, but I am also helping myself. Here’s how I see it: the difference between the downside associated with D’s holding office and with establishment R’s holding office is so small that it is meaningless, except that the D’s accelerate the federal fiscal collapse. Neither D’s nor establishment R’s truly oppose the things which are ripping us apart:
1. Trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to bailout banks, even foreign ones
2. 16 trillion dollars of wealth transfers to individuals and a blind eye to flagrant and well-documented Wall Street fraud, even fraud that’s been stipulated in regulatory hearings
3. A rapidly advancing and ever more threatening surveillance state
4. Attempted preservation of the status quo through destruction of the currency once known as the dollar
5. Endless foreign wars savaging our young men and women and sapping our national strength
6. Constant happy-talk lying about the state of the economy

If you provide me the opportunity to vote for what I actually want, then I have a chance to move the ball in the direction I want it to go = Win. If you fail to do so, and the D’s retain power, the process of federal economic destruction is accelerated. Since I am convinced that the political chaos resulting from a federal fiscal collapse would also provide me with an opportunity to reclaim the liberty that is my birthright, an acceleration towards such a collapse moves my calendar forward. And while it does move it forward in a less desirable manner, this is also, for me = Win.

I win either way, and you lose. Sucks to be you.

Do you think my ideas about the perilous condition of American economy, and the political causes of it, are too radical? I am far from alone; this article describes the financial collapse-path to the opportunity I described: Things Are Spinning Out Of Control.

You’d probably be surprised how common this sentiment has become among well-known economists, investors, and hedge fund managers, admittedly ones you’ve never heard of. You’ve never heard of them because their opinions don’t fit in with the MSM dialog of “economic recovery”:
Jim Grant

Bill Gross “Run Turkey Run”

Hugh Hendry “I suggest you panic”