Original article in German, translation by babelfish, with some mild editorializing by yours truly to make it easier to read:

    As answer of the citizens on the Durchpeit Lisbon contract a non-partisan platform started a country wide referendum for the withdrawal of Austria from the European Union. It goes primarily around the political freedom of the citizens and around the rescue of the bases of life of Austria: over (again) the structure of a crisis-safe internal economy and the welfare state, which are possible only in states independently authorized to act, over the resumption of the neutrality as basis of the Austrian foreign policy, over the genetic engineering freedom, the re-establishment of an own currency and around the introduction of the direct democracy after the sample of Switzerland.


Important note: while Austrians apparently want to re-establish sovereignty for reasons I might disagree with (“direct democracy”, “welfare state”) I nonetheless welcome nation / state sovereignty movements; our individualism makes us all harder to corral into some amoebic world order.

    Thus that almost all laws (over 80%) go out of the European Union by guidelines, regulations and other instructions, no more politician carries for responsibility for these laws.

Regulation without representation, with politicians shielded from “responsibility”. Sound familiar?

    The majority of the Austrian citizens rejects the European Union. Thus it comes out from the inquiry of the Linzer of polling institute Imas that 54 per cent [are] of the opinion, the European Union brings us more disadvantages than advantages.